"I couldn't ask for a more agreeable or professional graphic designer."


"I couldn't ask for a more agreeable or professional graphic designer."

In my role as Communications Manager for Advertising Standards Canada, I've had the great pleasure and good fortune to work with Tim Ziegler for the past five years.

As our organization's consulting freelance designer, Tim develops and executes creative concepts for our print and online publications and our website as a whole. Tim is both a gifted graphic designer and an excellent collaborative partner, tuning in to listen carefully to our needs and often going the extra mile (or three) to accommodate our needs. As a result, his design proposals are right on the mark and the execution process is generally very smooth and pain-free.

Tim has an excellent grasp of our challenging range of audiences - we reach consumers, industry, members and clearance services clients with very distinct messages. Our website and our print and online publications feature targeted designs, as developed by Tim, that best speak to each of these groups and yet still maintain an easily identifiable ASC branding.

While his excellent body of work will no doubt speak for itself, I'd like to add that I couldn't ask for a more agreeable or professional graphic designer to work with. Tim is exceptionally hard-working, dedicated, talented, responsive and patient - and we do test his patience on occasion!

Melissa Campeau,
Communications Manager,
Advertising Standards Canada

"reliable, talented and fast... a pleasure to deal with."

I have had the pleasure of working with Tim Ziegler on an ongoing basis over the last seven years.

I run a television production company in Toronto. We work with one of Canada's best-known comedians, Ron James. We have ongoing needs for graphic design for various aspects of Ron's business - posters to promote live tours, print materials for DVD releases, sales cards for DVD marketing, newspaper ads promoting both live shows and television broadcasts, etc.

We discovered early on in our relationship with Tim that he is reliable, talented and fast, so we automatically call him when we need any graphic work done. He is a pleasure to deal with, is patient even when we change our minds for the fifteenth time, and his work is always top-notch.

I can recommend him highly.

Lynn Harvey,
Executive Producer,
The Ron James Show

"attentive to our needs and always open to any suggestions"

Tim worked as a consultant for MedHunters from the company’s beginning in 1996 to its eventual sale in 2006. During that time, MedHunters grew to be the largest dedicated healthcare job board in North America. His work included several website redesigns, the creation of marketing materials, magazine and transit ad campaigns along with six issues of a quarterly glossy magazine which we mailed to 150,000 healthcare professionals. Although Tim has not been with us since 2006, we still use the marketing materials he created.

His design work was always creative and professional while showing an understanding of the nuances of the healthcare field. Tim was enjoyable to work with, attentive to our needs and always open to any suggestions to the work he created. Working weekends or late nights to meet a tight deadline were never an issue. I would certainly recommend Tim for any job and am happy to serve as a reference for him!

Adele Mirabelli,
Regional VP, Business Development,

"never misses a deadline"

Tim has been working as a consultant for Helen Ziegler & Associates Inc. for over ten years. Our company specializes in the recruitment of healthcare professionals to the Middle East.

We have clients in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. His work has included several website redesigns, the creation of marketing materials, web, magazine and transit ad campaigns, photo galleries and videos. Tim is also our professional staff photographer, which can be seen on our "About Us" page.

Tim truly has an understanding of our business. He has traveled with us on recruitment trips to the Middle East to capture photo and video footage that we have used on our website to provide our candidates with a better understanding of what it is like to live in that part of the world. His design work is always creative and he truly understands the unique cultural sensitivities that need to be considered when designing a marketing campaign for this region of the world.

Tim is a pleasure to work with. He never misses a deadline and is always open to suggestions.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Tim.

Barbara Faulhaber,
Director of Communications
Helen Ziegler & Associates, Inc.