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I've had an interest in design for as long as I can remember. My first foray into 'official' graphic design came when I was probably 16/17, and was a self-employed street vendor in Toronto. I sold t-shirts to tourists that I created using Letraset (if anyone can remember that). In university, I majored in English, but upon graduating spent three exhausting years making a (very) low budget feature film. I supported myself by designing websites and driving a FedEx truck. The film went nowhere, but the design work has turned out to have legs. All these years later, my income no longer goes to fund remote, 'back-country' hikes, but now supports a family. Fortunately, I still look forward to my work everyday.

About Web Design Services

With websites, I do all the design work and HTML/CSS coding. For more sophisticated coding, I draw on a network of web developers with whom I have collaborated with for many years.

About Graphic Design Services

Over the years, I've created graphic design for a large array of products and services - from large convention booths and TTC campaigns to music gift cards and DVD jackets. I have long-standing relationships with copywriters and printers. I also own professional-grade photography equipment, which I've used to create custom photography for ad campaigns among other things.